Nowadays scent is the most feminine, compliments it well, and is good for the women’s personality which makes the women glance for glory for their appearance.

I have some amazing and top-class good girl perfumes and also well-designed perfumes 

Let us have look at the best women’s perfumes

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
  2. Gucci Bloom
  3. Versace’s Bright Crystal 
  4. YSL’s Black Opium 
  5. Giorgio Armani Si
  6. Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl

Now let us have a deep discussion about the above-mentioned perfumes 👍

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue :

 It’s having the sunshine Mediterranean in Bask it si scent which makes you come alive it is having a design like an Italian bottle and some the ingredients like lemon, citron, Granny smith s apple, rose, bamboo, cedarwood, jasmine, amber, and musk. It has floral fruit and a sweet smell light which makes the popular with women and it’s a warm weather choice for women, it is a very perfect choice for women who are all the times for outsides with all the windows open on sunny days this scent is a very good opinion for the women. 

If you want makeup and you’re not done with makeup, hairs are untidy and sensitivity of a woman who looks very simple and ethereal without trying, this kind of woman can use perfumes like Dossier developed scent which is having ingredients like citrus green apple to the invoke the light blue like its aroma is very delight and designed like very unique without any steep of price tag.      

2. Gucci Bloom : 

It is like a free-spirited woman who has channels like an inner 70’s flower child, this perfume has atoms like fresh flowers and it is like white florals with which it is teamed as warm earthy. The scent itself is only described as the dream of a white floral bouquet and which has a name called a blooming light and airy when it smells it blooms has a note of power like it.

These perfume suits for the like photoshoot, to the offices, and then out for dinners parties also. Women wear a decent scent that includes creativity, mystery, and also authority here some of the ingredients used like jasmine sambac, tuberose, Rangoon creeper, and Iris, it is truly like floral fragrances which are packed with luxurious perfumes. It is inspired by the Bloom Dossier now it offers the Floral of Honeysuckle for $29.

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3. Versace’s Bright Crystal : 

This perfume like softy feminine, and bursting with all beautiful florals, with bright crystals from Versace is an incredibly versatile scent, some the ingredients like yuzu, magnolia, lotus flower, amber, and musk which are blended like an all together into all the colorful and very vibrant perfumes which enough to use them throughout the day but it can be a embodies that can be used at the night also, and, surely, these perfumes are the will love the women who are the all the day they can use it not in the day time but also in the night it can be used and it has been done with the captivating with some of the ingredients like sweet top notes, crystals bright leaves and then deeper musk notes of that swirl like it smells and feels like a very clam and cool to the mind. Yet it feels refreshing it is a very special type of perfume that works fully perfectly in all settings for women it s the Dossier’ Fruity like Magnolia which is inspired by iconic perfumes.    

4. YSL ‘s Black Opium :

          This perfume has a very smoothy and softy aroma with punchy notes of vanilla and coffee with the dries down for the musk of the white floral base only. this perfume is one of the most loved perfumes in the world it is easy to see. Ingredients like creamy notes like coffee and vanilla give the nonsticky and also can feel less sweetness that which develops as a dry and white floral scent. It is unique like a moreish, this is the most of selected perfume collections. this scent has a very good demand in the market all the time they say to give us more and more about the faint of heart, Black Opium which is having shades like an addictive presence is also a symbol of the modern woman which is loving the perfumes. it has been inspired by the strong and fantastically very sweet aroma of floral vanilla and it has very good designs also. 

5. Giorgi Armani Si :

         This perfume is what the woman who is ready to spend the express her duality for the perfumes. some of the ingredients have been used like blackcurrant nectar, and white cedarwood with sweet musky perfumes which is very perfect for the loved to work. smells very sweet all mixed up with the perfumes which leave it feeling charged.  

6. Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl:

    This perfume has for women which like to feel sweet, warm, spicy, and exotic all it is having components looking like sleek yet sensible all have been created like the floriental almonds with inspirations by the good girls’ iconic perfumes and its price is just for $29. 


In this article I have suggested that above mentioned of those perfumes are well good and smells like sweet with all good ingredients well I suggests you all to go and grab this perfumes. 

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