The Story: The 2nd part in the series tries to provide an ending as Haruka (voiced in the voice of Nobunaga Shimazaki) is pushed to the limit at the global level to defeat his own demons and the invincible opponent, Albert.

Reviews: Friendship, hostility, competition, self-doubt, and sports cliches, come together in a rather predictable manner in this story for young adults on swimmers who compete. Haruka finds it difficult to focus on anything other than the race champion, Albert and ways to outdo his fame. The coming-of-age plot explores the changing stages of relationships and personal battles with a relentless desire to be the most successful. In terms of creativity Part liberating and somewhat repetitive, the sports anime is based on a formula that robs the viewer of the possibility of experiencing something completely new. Visually and technically it manages to entice you.

PVR is bringing Japanese animation to India through their exclusive releases is a great move for those who enjoy the genre. With a limited number of viewers the possibility of a separate film is more appropriate than one of the latest films that are that are based on a decade-old series loosely basing themselves on books. The films are part of Free! animation’s season three. It is presented by Kyoto Animation, this movie just like the earlier films is a must for those aware of the Free! Series. While a recap of the series is coming but the movie isn’t suitable appropriate for those who aren’t familiar with the.

Japanese animated films have a distinct intensity and emotionality that usually observes life in a spiritual manner. For example, Haruka’s love affair with water or the distance or friendship between friends, or their shifting dynamics. Free! It’s the Final Stroke – the second volume is exclusively for people who love the series. The other volumes have too much to go through to make this an enjoyable viewing.

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