Story A group of assassins, who have no idea of one another board the bullet train that runs from Tokyo until Kyoto. On this dangerous and fast-paced journey, they find out that their tasks are inextricably linked. Who will make it to the final destination?

SynopsisThe twenty-two year old is here and it’s taken two heartthrobs from the 90’s, mega movie stars – Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt to entice us back into theaters. The two films Top Gun sequel and Bullet Train are able to deliver on their promises… an intense and thrilling thrill ride. The latter is the latest big-budget film to hit cinema screens , and boy is it good! It doesn’t let you down.

Based on a book Deadpool 2 director David Leitch is a spokesman for The Coen Brothers’ twisted comedic sequence, Guy Ritchie’s signature style of filmmaking, and Tarantino’s wit in this thrilling story of fate and an unknown briefcase. A reformed assassin under the name of ‘Ladybug’ (Brad Pitt) The code, which ridicules his luck and accepting a snatch and grab job, and fills the shoes of a colleague. The only thing he needs to do is locate an empty briefcase, and then get off the train. It’s not that simple however, is it? There’s an element of risk. The British hitman Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and his co-star in the crime Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) are unable to lose their bag at any price. Also, there’s a girl with a bizarre motive (Joey King) and a snake, an underworld kingpin dubbed”the White Death” (Michael Shannon) and the father-son duo that seeks justice as well as redemption (Hiroyuki Sanada in The Elder, as well as Andrew Koji as Kimura). The more fun the better Isn’t that the case?

The tracks of the two trains intersect The film is brimming by action that never stops with gory humour, gory humor, and comic-book-style storytelling that never stops in the direction of the trains. This is exactly what ‘The Gray Man’ may or could be. While the plot doesn’t develop as the story unfolds but there’s never a boring moment in this dark comedy , which parodies mafia films and online awakens. The saga of ‘White’ death, mansplaining, and Pitt having his name tossed around as someone who appears like every other white man who is homeless Pitt is able to take it all in way, having lots of enjoyment with his own cost. Pitt’s odd outfits when he walks the red carpet in recent reflect his attitude towards this wacky action comedy. It’s fun, easy and stands out.

The camera’s choreography and stylised action (knives and swords, guns, poison and fistfights) keep you in your seat. The plot being the same, Bullet Train does feel as if it takes longer to get to Kyoto as you’d imagine. However, you’ll enjoy every minute of this wacky and fun ride, even when you’re waiting for the end destination. This isn’t the most impressive piece of cinema , however it doesn’t claim to be either. It’s an unpretentious and hilarious crime-comedy that exceeds expectations. You’ll be amazed by the random cameostoo!

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